Wednesday, November 13, 1996

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I wrote a skit today. Snow Kingdom. It’s about a depressed King who finally decides to do away with his subjects by spraying them with a hose. Did I mention they were all made of snow? Freaky eh? Yah, I’d say so.

T____, who has Comm. Tech. at the same time as S____ and I asked us if we had girlfriends. Of course we don’t. I don’t know what she was getting at.

I drove on the 401 today. No big deal. Nothing to it.

I ought to make an inflatable jacket. There’s an inflatable dance at school one of these days. I should try to make an inflatable jacket. I’d have to find a way to seal the rubber though. I wonder where I could get a pattern? How about the fabric? Maybe go to KFC in the summer and see if they have any busted beach balls I could use. I”ll have to put that on my “to-do” list.


Dear Teen-aged Matt,



Thursday, September 26, 1996

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Good things happened today:

Terry Fox Run -> early lunch -> half empty cafeteria -. me by myself at lunch until S____ gets his drink. S____ B____ and A____ M____ decide I’m lonely and come sit with me. S____ comes back, sites down, J____ sits down, M____ finds S____, sits down and then, K____ B____ find S____, sits down right in front of me!

Fun was had by all. I made my jokes, I showed off my wallet, K____ complimented me on my nerd shirt, said she wants one. She also wants a shirt that says, “You suck” which, apparently, is something she says. I had no idea. She is such a sweet girl, I would never think something like that would come out of her mouth on a regular basis.

On Seinfeld tonight there was a woman on who looks like K____, and the idea was Jerry and Kramer both go ga-ga over her and I am ga-ga over K____, which just goes to show my life is a sitcom.

I helped S____ with his video for Comm. Tech. which meant I got to look at a Play Boy magazine and giggle. and bark. and growl. and snort. and other.

S____’s mom’s bra doesn’t fit him.


Dear Teen-aged Matt,


Wednesday July 24, 1996

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Today I finished my wallet. The cards don’t quite fit right and you have to sort of twist it to fold it, but it fits in my back pocket and works great!

I went to the dentist today. Had a cleaning, a pair of breasts right in front of my face and some metal picks in my mouth. It went well. No cavities!


Tuesday July 23, 1996

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S____ came back yesterday. He called the Mansion (my BBS). He said it was ok but the title screen was screwed, oh well. I’ll have to see about it.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow so I’m brushing plenty.

My wallet is coming along beautifully, just the change pocked and a few more stitches and it will be ready for use. Yipee!

Right now on the radio is a Nine Inch Nails song with the line: “I want to fuck you like an animal”. I heard the song earlier today and they blanked out “fuck” but now at 3:12am they are playing the unedited version. Both are good, the other is simply less vulgar. It’s incredible the amount of mature subject matter on the radio.


Wednesday June 19, 1996

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Yup, it’s a Theremin and I just can’t get enough of them. you can buy a theremin kit for about 93 american dollars including shipping but not including the case for the crazy noise maker. That’s okay though, we have vcrs and computer cases kicking around here and I could just hollow out one of those and use it.

I have been working on my wallet lately. I don’t want to quit, even though it would fit the pattern. Karate, trains, model plane, model plane, etc, etc. I just can’t stay interested. I hope that doesn’t happen if I get a theremin. I should call some pawn shops in Toronto tomorrow. I have to get up early if I’m going to do anything.

Steve’s going to come over and we’re going to rent some movies. A Clockwork Orange, Mallrats, and I don’t know. A third. Maybe Delicatessen. Anyway back to the theremin. It’s a box with a bunch of wires inside and some knobs and antennas on the outside. You use your right hand to control pitch and your left hand to control volume. I’m going to make mine left handed though so it’ll be backwards. It will be so cool!!


Thursday, June 6, 1996

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Oops again, missed yesterday. Sorry about that. My brother T____ came home, took me to see Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise. What a great movie. Very James Bond but not as much. Very good. Anyway I didn’t get home til 12 in the night. Met some of the people I’ll probably be working with this summer at the theatre. Nice bunch. Older than me though.

As for today, J____ thinks I like K____ B____. It’s true but I’m not telling him. M____ M____ thinks I like her too. But my excuse is, “I flirt with everyone, not on purpose, it’s just my sense of humour. It’s very flirtatious.” I don’t think they buy it though. I wonder if K____ likes me. I think she likes J____. That would be a mistake. J____ was a mistake. His parents hate each other. IT SUCKS! If you’ve ever read Who Has Seen The Wind then you know what I’m talking about.

Ah, talking heads. I recently got my account at Durham Freenet and I looked up Talking Heads sites. I only had time to go to one though and it wasn’t very good. Oh well. Lots more tomorrow.

My wallet is coming along beautifully. Did I tell you about that already? I’m making a wallet. Green plastic. Blue foam rubber, white stitching, and its going to be beautiful. Very pretty. Hey back to K____ again. Very interesting.


Tuesday, June 4, 1996

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Whoa! Missed a couple a days there. Don’t worry. didn’t miss anything. June happened 4 days ago.

I’ve started work on an original Alexander wallet. Made from green and blue plastic from a mouse pad and a binder. lots of fun. Keeps me from doing bad things. The reason for my missed a few? Pen died and I finally got around to replacing it.


I have a registered account at the Durham Freenet. I am AE324. Yup, that’s me 🙂

So I’ve been surfing th net dude! I found a website dedicated to this guy’s license plate collection! So I downloaded a picture of a Florida plate with the picture of Florida upside-down on it. Neat eh? Also I got a Northwest Territories plat (polar bear) and various things from various other pages including the entire theme son to The Prisoner a terrific 60s show created and starred by Patrick McGoohan. It’s about a spy who quits his job. The “company” thinks this is suspicious and kidnaps him and send him to “The Village” a totally wacked out town of old spies. Every episode is about him trying to get away. But “rover”, the giant weather balloon security gaurd is watching. It’s a great show.

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