Happy Rememberance Day! Wait, that’s not something happy.

I passed K____ on the stairs, M____ in the hall and B____ in class.

I had an optometrist appointment.

I was horny just a second ago, but now I’m depressed and tired.

S____ might be coming over on Friday but only if K____ F____ doesn’t want me to go over to his place.

So B____’s psychic. I wonder if she knows I like her? I hope so. I hope everyone I like knows I like them. Thing is though, if they were to ask me I’d sheepishly deny it. I just thought of something:

And now the theme to Garbonzo the human enema!¬†Garbonzo the human enema! He’ll make you laught, he’ll make you shit, Garbonzo! Garbonzo! Garbonzooooooooooooo!!!

How about it? Funny eh?


Dear Teen-aged Matt,