I want to break my arm. Get a cast. All of that. My right arm. Is it hard to do? I don’t think there’s much shame in doing that for attention is there? How can I do that without really hurting the rest of me and without looking stupid? I could fall off my bike onto a curb, but that would have to wait until the spring. I could get in a car accident, but then someone else could get hurt. I could get pushed down on the ground by someone. I do get pushed a lot, but nothing happens. I could fall down the stairs at school, or home. But that’s scary. I think stairs would be the best thing. Not at school though, I could really hurt my head. Maybe I should. How could I do it? I’m a klutz, so it wouldn’t be a surprise. I’d be more likely to hurt my leg though, and that would still work, but it would be inconvenient. Especially if I had crutches. I should do it. I should break my arm. How? When? Where? I want anything too bad though. Just a mild fracture. I don’t want to snap anything. How?


Dear teen-aged Matt,