I have recently begun reading through my old diaries. They are embarrassing for a number of reasons. I haven’t yet read my dark, angsty years, though I know they’re on the way. Instead so far I’ve read about crushes, and special-effects laden blockbusters, and a desire to be “cool”.

There’s a great deal of enthusiasm in some of my entries, though looking back 15 years later I can’t imagine why I was so enthusiastic about certain things (the movie Independence Day for instance).

In this blog I will transcribe all of my teenaged diaries, and respond to them, 15 or so years later. I’ll hide my responses behind the fold so if you like you can simply read my old diary.

Names will be abbreviated to initials only to protect all involved and I’ll try to explain certain vague things as clearly as possible.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope you’ll gain something from this.

– Matt


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