Well, I haven’t broken my arm.

I tried to put up an internet Christmas list but the graphics don’t work right. I’ll just do a paper one and email it to my brother.

So Star Trek 8 comes out on Friday. I’m going to see it with W____. He’s a big trekker. It should be entertaining.

I’m teaching my mom how to play pool.

There’s a girl in sociology named M____ L____. I swear she could be a model.

On Friday was the pie auction. The highest bidder gets to throw a pie at a teacher. I had a good view of K____ but she seems to be fading out of my thoughts. M____ coming in instead, as well as B____ D____ and T____.

The Weezer concert was on Friday too. I didn’t go, as I’m sure you guess. I bet it was good. Damn. Next time.

Dear Teen-aged Matt,

You mostly talked about Friday. That’s an odd thing to do on a Monday. I guess nothing interesting happened today. I mean, it was Monday, so I guess that’s not a surprise, but I don’t get why you didn’t tell us all about this stuff on Friday. Oh wait, no, it makes sense. You were hanging out with S____, so that seems to have pushed everything from your mind.

M____ L____ was the first girl that we noticed, who seemed like she was from an entirely different world. Tall, thin, composed, not garishly made-up. I have no idea where she came from, or where she went. She just showed up one day, and eventually disappeared completely. People do that sometimes. Beware. Don’t lose the good ones.


– FutureMatt