S____ came over on Friday. We rented “Strange Days” — good — and “Dollman vs. The Demonic Toys” — horrible. But that was the plan.

Dollman opened with the line, “It’s a cruel world when you’re only a foot tall. Shrunk by aliens.” Man! Super film! We rented “Psycho Cop” but didn’t get to watch it. I should try to watch it tomorrow. I doubt I will.

I got my theremin back on friday. It works great! Really terrific. Oh man, it’s super! Why did I get it? It doesn’t matter! I love it! I want to paint a tie-dye pattern on it. That would be neat! I need cool stickers and stuff to put on it for decoration.

I finished my handout for sociology today. I doubt I’ll do much more editing. If any. I wonder what kind of research I could do for the essay. I’ll do a lot of internet stuff, but I want real books too.

My uncle fell asleep with the TV on again. I can hear the test pattern.


Dear Teen-aged Matt,

Full Moon Entertainment, maker of the Dollman series, was responsible for some of my fondest highschool memories and a great inspiration to me as a filmmaker. You wouldn’t think that terrible movies would be so inspiring, but these were just so much fun, and so adequately-crafted that it made me feel like it would be possible to make my own films. I think Roger Corman had the same effect on a lot of people, some of whom went on to real film careers.

When I read some of our thoughts from back in 1996, and remember what happens in the coming years, I’m actually quite proud of what we accomplish.  We’re going to make a few complete short films with beginnings, middles and ends, plus a few un-completed projects which will be fun to make, and remain fun to watch for all involved.

In a fit of nostalgia I’ve been watching them and digitizing them and putting them online, but I can’t share them with you yet, because I’m afraid you might not like them. I love them because I made them. I’m aware of their flaws, and I don’t mind, but you might mind. You might only see the flaws and be disappointed that we weren’t able to do better. This might discourage you from even trying, so I’m not going to share them with you.

Also there’s this weird thing about them, they feature friends you don’t know yet. Really weird.

Have fun with the Theremin. I know I will!


– FutureMatt