I wrote a skit today. Snow Kingdom. It’s about a depressed King who finally decides to do away with his subjects by spraying them with a hose. Did I mention they were all made of snow? Freaky eh? Yah, I’d say so.

T____, who has Comm. Tech. at the same time as S____ and I asked us if we had girlfriends. Of course we don’t. I don’t know what she was getting at.

I drove on the 401 today. No big deal. Nothing to it.

I ought to make an inflatable jacket. There’s an inflatable dance at school one of these days. I should try to make an inflatable jacket. I’d have to find a way to seal the rubber though. I wonder where I could get a pattern? How about the fabric? Maybe go to KFC in the summer and see if they have any busted beach balls I could use. I”ll have to put that on my “to-do” list.


Dear Teen-aged Matt,

I guess the wallet experiment was a clue, but I didn’t realize we had such an interest in fashion until today. An inflatable jacket, eh? I think they’re called life preservers. Would you fill it with helium to make you lighter? Would it be a short jacket, or like a long trench coat? The trench coat could have helium in the bottom of it so it sort of floats up.

I remember enjoying home economics class. We like cooking, and sewing is fun, but we never actually learned how to follow a pattern, so I don’t know why you’re looking for one for your jacket.

So, it sounds like someone in Comm. Tech. might like you. Were you being coy when you wrote that you didn’t know what T____ was getting at? I don’t think girls ever ask if you have a girlfriend unless they’re sussing out your availability, or just making small talk. But who makes small talk in highschool? Everyone has an agenda.

In our skit, I picture it being filmed in a way that doesn’t reveal that he’s made thousands of snow-people outside his castle until the very end. That’s what we meant right? Or are they fantastic creatures made out of snow, but who are alive?

So many unanswered questions. You’d think I’d be able to answer them, but sometimes this is like talking to a stranger.


– FutureMatt