K____ wore a purple shirt today. It looked good. B____ poked me in the back with her pen today and asked me about the work we had to do. Then she apologized for stabbing me in the back because I yelped. I should have said, “Et tu B____?” oh well. Maybe next time.

In math today K____ F____’s ex-girlfriend was modeling the coat of a friend of hers for me. I cracked a joke, she did too. We laughed it up. I wonder if she likes me. Probably not. She has hairy arms.

I think J____ W____ might like me. And K____ Something in my driver’s ed class.

S____ might be coming over. We’ll rent Barton Fink and something else. I don’t know what. I made a list a while back of film fest movies. I’ll have to consult that.

I got my report card today. 83.8% average. Not bad.

I’ve got another idea for a movie. It’s about a teenager and he’s a huge film star. In Europe. So no-one at home even gives him a second look. He has girl troubles, he’s picked on, but in Europe he’s on the covers of Le Time, Le Teen Heart Throb, etc. Paparazzi are constantly snagging photos of him and he takes mysterious holidays to Madrid and Paris and London. Not even his own family knows he’s a celebrity. And he wants to keep it that way. Still needs development but it should be an interesting project.


Dear Teen-aged Matt,

I think I’m going to stop asking you questions about your entries. You obviously can’t answer them and even if you could I’m not sure you would since usually the reason I want to ask you something is because you’ve already decided that it’s not worth explaining. Why was KF’s ex-girlfriend modelling her friend’s coat for you? What? Nevermind. Forget it.

I like your film idea. It’ll be difficult to figure out a way to make this realistic, especially the part about his family not knowing. Maybe if his parents are divorced and one of them lives in Europe and they don’t talk to each other. I presume he’s making a lot of money. Why does he continue to go to a public school in Canada then? For the simplicity of it? Or, he doesn’t want too much attention. Does he only do his film work in the summer? I guess so.

It would be even more difficult to figure this out in today’s context. The internet is insane. You have no idea. I’m not sure what you want to do for a living right now, but if you can figure out a way to be an internet genius you could do very well for yourself. Anyway, if he was a massive star in Europe today those European paparazzo would track him down to his Canadian home and that would basically have to be the turning point in the story.

He lives a simply life in Canada but is dogged by fans and photographers in Europe. Then a paparazzi comes to Canada and blows his cover so to speak. Then he has to deal with everyone at home learning of his secret career as an actor in esoteric foreign films. Something about girls, something about teachers and then what? Does this lead to his cross over into Hollywood  or the Canadian film industry? Does he fight it? Who is this guy anyway?

We should talk about this more. Right now it sounds like it’s just a daydream fantasy for yourself (I could be famous in Europe and no one would know, then I’d be happy!), but maybe it could be turned into something. A comedy hopefully.

Get used to that 83% average by the way. That’s you all the way through art college and university.


– FutureMatt