Wednesday, May 29, 1996

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Today was mild.

J____ T____ wasn’t at school today so it was just me and K____ B____. I don’t know if J____ likes her. I think he does, he’s very flirtatious, but he would never admit it. He likes breasts and the classic features. Not me though. I don’t go for the glamorous type. and I hate make-up. It makes the girl look fake. Don’t get me wrong, breasts are very nice, but they aren’t important to me. I prefer the face and mid section. I’m not suggesting anything, I just don’t think breasts are a big deal!



Tuesday, May 28, 1996

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I’m pretty sure I made a joke in science today and I’m pretty sure K____ B____ laughed but I don’t really remember.

I was so bored today. I was looking for a couch to lay on forever. I should’ve went to the library. I wouldn’t mind buying on of the couches from the library. The orange one.

In history J____ T____ asked to get a book from his locker and that reminded me to get a book from my locker so I asked and she said, “Wait until J____ comes back.” So I sat down, and then K____ B____ asked to leave for a moment and that was fine by her. WELL! I was outraged! and it was because J____ and I goof around a lot in class. Sheesh!


Monday, May 27, 1997

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S____ B____ presented today, in my place. She’s such a sweet little person. I just couldn’t say no, of course I can’t say no to anyone unless they want to dance or go out. The rest of the day was pretty much cookie-cutter. I Comm Tech though we finished taking pictures. I hope we develop them soon.

Say good-bye to the shorted entry ever in my (I hate to say it) diary.


Saturday, May 26, 1996

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Today was exciting. I only slept in until 12:30 and when I got up I read the comics / looked to see if there is anything on tv and then got to work putting in a hedge. Oooh!

Anyways I made a mix tape today, that was fun. It has 25 songs on it, all good and they vary from Mr. Self Destruct by NIN to Blue Moon by the Marcels, all can be danced to, somehow. Then I scanned album covers, liner books and back covers to make a collage to go in the case. It’s all very impressive, I should be a graphic designer, I’m good at that, last week I made a box for Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Good movie, I like the box I made.

We rented Nick of Time tonight with Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken about a man whose daughter is kidnapped and if he doesn’t kill the governor in an hour and a half she’ll be dead. Good movie, but at the end it kinda gets cookie cuttr, a bad guy gets pushed into a fuse box and is electrocuted to death. The big bad guy (Walken) gets killed and the daughter is held in the arms of her slightly bloody father. Still, it’s a good movie. Oh yeah, Stayin’ Alive is on my tape! (I’m not kidding.)

It’s my brother’s birthday on wednesday and I haven’t gotten him anything yet. I guess I’ll either go out tomorrow, which would be bad because I have a large amount of homework, or on monday or tuesday, actually we might even wait til wed or later because he’s not coming out until his next day off. Oh well.


Sunday, May 26, 1996

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Well, today was fine. I slept in ’til 3:00pm, did my homework almost immediately, then went outside and watered plants.

You might have noticed by now, almost exactly a week of entries that I have no real life. I just think and wish and dream. Last night I had a dream that M____ C____ was lying in my bed, dead. I kissed her on her chin. Yes, her chin. Then she woke up and slapped me. I kicked myself for not kissing her on the lips.

So I want to form a comedy troupe called, “The Carbonated Babies”. Steve would be in it for sure, so would I. I thought maybe D____ B____ but he doesn’t seem that interested. Maybe U____ S____, he’s a funny guy. I would really like to have a girl on it, but I can’t think of who. K____ for reasons already known, but she’s not that funny and I don’t think she’d be able to keep a straight face. Maybe M____ C____, but I don’t know if she’d be interested. I can’t think of any funny girls. Maybe we should put out a classified ad or something and have try-outs or something. That could be risky though, I’d really like to know the person first. There’s always the possibility of cross dressing, but that’s too kinky for me, I wouldn’t do it. N____ is funny, but she’s also kinda scary. I wonder if she’d be interested. Not very telegenic though. She’s really big. But she is funny. Maybe J____, no, too short, and she’s got teeth like my brother has. J____ W____ is too tall and giddy. Oh well, I don’t know, right now N____ is looking the best, but she’s got breasts the size of watermelons and in a bad way. Maybe S____, she can be funny, she’s attrative, he hair is short, wigs can work. Maybe, once this thing is definitely I’ll ask her. K____ F____ would be an idea, not as the girl in the group, but he’s either have to shave every day, or grow something permanently.


Friday, May 25, 1996

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Today was a much better day than yesterday. I got to my first class, science, and the teacher hadn’t showed up yet so everyone was hanging around outside the class. I’m standing there waiting and I hear my name called out, “Matt, Matt!” and S____ F____ appears in front of me, wearing a red shirt, loose and a big smile, “Matt, what number are you?” and someone says 1 and I say last. “Would you trade with me, my computer screwed up and my independent study was on it and I have to go today…” So I said I’d trade with her and she was vey happy and was hyper and said, “Oh thank you thank you I love you. Not in that way!”. So I presented the news article on real life brain donors and so now S____ owes me.

Our history teacher wasn’t at school today so Mr. S____ filled in for her. I like him as a teacher, he always yells t the stupid kids.

I’m on the modem right now, just as usual and am currently downloading some really neat stuff. Nothing naked, and I really do use my real age (no really, I do).

Anyway I guess now is as good a time as ever to talk about people I think are “Super Cool”. This is a list of people I admire. Most are nerds.

  • David Byrne
  • Elvis Costello
  • Buddy Holly
  • Damon Albarn
  • Matt Sharp
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • M____ C____
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Conan O’Brien
  • Andy Richter
  • David Letterman
  • Rick Green
  • Leslie Neilson
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Neil Young
  • Dave Foley
  • Gord Downie
  • Chuck Gurney
  • Bruce McCulloch
  • K____ F____

That’s all I can think of now, but any more I think of will go on the left [of the page].


Thursday, May 23, 1996

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Nothing interesting happened today.

In english J____ and J____ W____ were snatching glances at me and giggling. So now there’s: E____ M____, H____ B____, J____ W____, J____ Something, S____ F____ who last semester said, “Matt?” and when I turned she just looked and said, “Hi.” Of course she was talking to someone else, a M____ Something.

Anyway I must have a reputation of some kind because another J____ keeps defending me whenever J____ T____ is picking on me and I don’t know her and another girl, who I don’t even know the name of (but I have noticed am slightly attracted to) asked for money from me by name. I like the before mentioned K____ B____. I also like S____ F____, she’s cute and has a nose ring but she isn’t a punk. Also M____ C____ who is super cool. She is really into retro stuff and she knows about the Talking Heads, unfortunately it sorta got around that I like the Heads and I was given a hard time about it by J____ P____. No big deal.

I like to think I would have, oh yeah, last year I heard that T____ M____ liked me. Not mutual. Anyway as I was saying I like to think I have a bit of a chance with any of the ones I like, I’m just waiting for the right time. Like when no one’s around and it’s really awkward like on tv. Anyway before I ask anyone out I would like to have a job, access to a car and some good old fashioned bravery. I don’t know if it will ever happen.

I’m just too shy.


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